2018 TRAIL BLAZER RUN (5 Mile)
5-Mile Run / 1.5-Mile Family Fun Hike


First Name Last Name Age Gender Group
Care Adams 27 Female
Dennis Alexander 45 Male
Katelyn Anderman 22 Female
Barb Baysinger 50 Female
Dean Bicking 41 Female Daisy Haven Farm
Daisy Bicking 41 Female Daisy Haven Farm
Dean Bicking 47 Male Daisy Haven Farm
Rowyn Bicking 9 Female Daisy Haven Farm
Mary Blanco 63 Female
Robert Bleattler 27 Male Blisters in the Sun
Joanna Boissonneault 38 Female
Andy Boquist 50 Male The Boquist Boys
Dayton Boquist 17 Male The Boquist Boys
Justin Boquist 47 Male The Boquist Boys
Cole Boquist 20 Male The Boquist Boys
Hayley Boyle 28 Female
Mandie Cantlin 16 Female
Gary Chase 37 Male
Carlos Ciruelos 39 Male
Mia Clark 36 Female
Bruce Colley 62 Male
Leah Colley 30 Female
Brian Courtney 41 Male RuntoVictory
Kelly Cunningham 28 Female Sultzbaugh
Amy Delong 32 Female
Brian Denney 42 Male
Leah DiLoretto 27 Female
Kathy Dixon 36 Female
Ryan Dixon 36 Male Dixon 4
Kathy Dixon 36 Female Dixon
Ryan Dixon 36 Male Dixon
Liam Dixon 7 Male Dixon
Cain Dixon 5 Male Dixon
Lynn Drelick 42 Female Drelicks
Bob Durborow 37 Male
Crystal Edmonds 32 Female
Mike Fabel 43 Male
Amy Fabel 38 Female
Shaun Gallagher 38 Male
Shaun Gallagher 38 Male
Joie Gambino 48 Female
pete gardner 28 Male
Chris Getz 64 Male
John Getz 35 Male
Christine Glah 55 Female
Ken Glah 54 Male
Sara Gledhill 34 Female
Andrew Gledhill 37 Male
Aaron Gutierrez 34 Male
Aaron Gutierrez 34 Male
Rachel Hagan 36 Female
Joe Hagan 38 Male
Shane Hallett 26 Male
Rachel Hanes 45 Female
Michael Harshany 42 Male
Christopher Hook 40 Male
Paul Karmilowicz 29 Male
Rowan Kelley 15 Male
Timothy Kettlety 42 Male
tim kirk 44 Male
matt kowalski 43 Male
Caitlin Kriebel 33 Female
Michael Kulikowski 32 Male
Amanda Kulikowski 34 Female
Jennifer Kurdziel 46 Female
Eric Kurdziel 8 Male
Evan Kurdziel 11 Male
Glenn Kurdziel 44 Male
Kristen Ladd 39 Female
Cat Lo 34 Female
Fred Lukens 61 Male Lukens
Mimi Lukens 58 Female Lukens
Blaise Lutz 47 Male
Greg Manning-Smith 29 Male
Michael Marcus 44 Male
Katharine Marcus 41 Female
Noah Marcus 2 Male
Thomas Maris 47 Male
Ryan Maris 19 Male
Keith Marshall 40 Male
Brian McBeth 28 Male
Teresa McBreen 55 Female
Melissa McCarey 34 Female
Michael McCarey 34 Male
Nick McCormick 50 Male
katie McCrory 35 Female
Ciaran McCrory 38 Male
Monica McQuail 26 Female
Deb Mirenda 53 Female
Sandra Molina-Cook 52 Female Team Badass
Mac Neilon 60 Male
Robert Note 20 Male
Betty Olmstead 72 Female
Michael Ouellette 41 Male
Nikki Owens 47 Female
Tyler Pachuda 14 Male
Rob Parla 25 Male
Faith Piotrowski 30 Female
Andrew Rau 54 Male
Randall Rieger 48 Male
Beth ROSICA 50 Female
Shannon Rouse 36 Female
David Sadler 40 Male
Jennifer Sarno 39 Female Team Badass
Cory Sarno 40 Male Team Badass
Eric Schleusner 31 Male
Elizabeth Shannon 46 Female
Claude Shannon 53 Male
Liam Shannon 13 Male
Nate Simmers 25 Male
Silas Simmers 28 Male
james smith 11 Male
Max Spatola 23 Male
Brody Stevens 38 Male
Kristin Stokotelny 37 Female
Andrew Sultzbaugh 26 Male Sultzbaugh
Charles Sunday 23 Male
Andy Townsend 50 Male
Andy Townsend 50 Male
Stephen Tran 30 Male
Ross Unruh 70 Male
Mary Lou Unruh 69 Female
Luca Urbanic 11 Male
Anthony Wagner 46 Male
Lara Wagner 42 Female
Ed Waldeyer 31 Male
Shane Walsh 12 Male
Rick Waltz 58 Male
Megan Warren 32 Female
Steven Weiner 25 Male
Ashley Wilburn 28 Female
John Wolfersberger 41 Male
John Wolfersberger 41 Male
Lori Wolfersberger 40 Female
Liam Wood 13 Male
Joseph Wynn 25 Male


    CCWA Paradise Farm Camps
    Victory Brewing Co.
    ACE Hardware of West Chester
    Brandywine Valley Heating & Air Conditioning
    In-Fleet Truck Service
    Kit Anstey Real Estate
    Carroll Engineering Corporation
    Riley Riper Hollin & Colagreco
    Brickhouse Environmental Consultants and Engineers
    Unruh Turner Burke & Frees
    Krapf School Bus
    Toll Brothers
    H.A. Thomson Risk Management Services
    Established Traffic Control
    Hazley Builders
    Here We Go Photography
    Gateway Medical Associates
    StanAB, LP
    R.H. Reinhardt Co.
    Rothwell Document Solutions
    Pro Signs
    Buckley, Brion, McGuire & Morris LLP
    Penn Office Products
    Thomas Comitta Associates, Inc.
    Fulton Bank
    Reinos Design Print Mail
    Jane Chalfant / Kiki Boutique
    Patient First Urgent Care
    Howell Kline Surveying, LLC
    Reilly & Sons, Inc.
    Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd.
    Little's - John Deere
    Keystone Collections Group
    Kelly's Sports
    North American Land Trust
    Philadelphia Runner
    Open Arms Adoption