AIM Academy’s 6th Annual Race to Read 5k
5K Run, 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk and Book Exchange


First Name Last Name Age Gender Group
Karen M Bartos 37 Female Team AB
Andrew Bartos 8 Male Team AB
Kevin Bartos 6 Male Team AB
Gil Barzeski 52 Male Barzeski
Jennifer Barzeski 43 Female Barzeski
Susan Bock 49 Female No
Maddy Carson 14 Female No
Thomas DeLussey 33 Male No
Andrew D\'Arcy 32 Male No
Joe Gallagher 65 Male No
Ellen Gemme 45 Female Simpkins
Andrea Grace 52 Female
Laura Hottle 28 Female No
Jennifer Jagher 40 Female No
Jon Jagher 40 Male No
Ryan Jagher 9 Male No
Tex James 7 Male Team James
Anne James 41 Female Team James
John James 49 Male Team James
Macy James 11 Female Team James
Lyla James 9 Female Team James
Luke Jenkinson 11 Male No
Amy Kelly 43 Female No
Devon Lavery 23 Female No
Kevin Lavery 57 Male No
Joanne Lavery 55 Female No
Kenneth Lawrence 46 Male No
Kiersten Lenat 45 Female Lenat Girls
Lucy Lenat 10 Female Lenat Girls
Brian Lipkin 55 Male Team Lipkin
Sam Lipkin 11 Male Team Lipkin
Julie Luzier 27 Female No
Joseph Macaione 47 Male Team Hope
Hope Macaione 9 Female Team Hope
Alex Martin 15 Male No
Missy Martin 56 Female No
Paul Martin 58 Male No
Catherine Melchiore 29 Female No
Jeffrey Melchiore 33 Male No
Kelly Miller 41 Female 5MillersRwe
Ethan Miller 12 Male 5MillersRwe
Chase Miller 10 Male 5MillersRwe
Peyton Miller 10 Male 5MillersRwe
Mike Miller 47 Male 5MillersRwe
Vien Nguyen 24 Male Math Team
Steph O\'Brien 31 Female No
Andy O\'Brien 36 Male No
Nina Poliak 46 Female Sommer
Erica Praga 37 Female Erica
Tom A Robinson 47 Male Team AB
christine rodgers 48 Female No
Marshall Searles 12 Male No
David Searles 50 Male No
Jill Sides 39 Female No
Max Sides 9 Male No
Chris Simpkins 45 Male Simpkins
Connor Simpkins 9 Male Simpkins
Kate Simpkins 8 Female Simpkins
Liam Simpkins 8 Male Simpkins
Jonathana Sommer 14 Male Sommer
Noah Sommer 14 Male Sommer
Jeanie Startzel 50 Female No
Claude Surratt 46 Male Zoe\'s Team
Joshua Surratt 14 Male Zoe\'s Team
Jordan Upton 35 Male No
Ali Valin 50 Female No
Cristin Veit 41 Female 5MillersRwe
Mike Vernitsky 47 Male 5MillersRwe
Courtney Wells 54 Female No


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    Colonial Chemical Company
    ProServ Event Management
    Nolan Painting