The Cardinal Run for Fun
5K Race/1 Mile Walk/Run


First Name Last Name Age Gender Group Bice 47 Female Bice
David Bice 49 Male Bice
Emmett Bice 15 Male Bice
Norah Bice 12 Female Bice
Allison Blumenthal 12 Female Blumenthal
Allison Blumenthal 12 Female Blumenthal
Maureen Blumenthal 44 Female Blumenthal
Jeff Blumenthal 50 Male Blumenthal
Allison Blumenthal 12 Male Blumenthal
Samantha Blumenthal 9 Female Blumenthal
Thomas Blumenthal 6 Male Blumenthal
Christine Boyle 43 Female Boyle
Bill Boyle 43 Male Boyle
Billy Boyle 9 Male Boyle
Joey Boyle 7 Male Boyle
Dylan Boyle 5 Male Boyle
Jason Britton 38 Male
Daniel Butler 50 Male Butler
Celeste Butler 10 Female Butler
Emma Butler 6 Female Butler
Evan Butler 13 Male Butler
Stephanie Butler 50 Female Butler
Leslie Calzaretta 34 Female Calzaretta
Chris Calzaretta 39 Male Calzaretta
Luca Calzaretta 5 Male Calzaretta
Daniel Cochran 11 Male Cochran
Daniel Cochran 11 Male Cochran
Tess Cochran 4 Female Cochran
Cecilia Cochran 50 Female Cochran
Bryan Cochran 50 Male Cochran
Kelly Cotter 40 Female
Sean Cotter 41 Male
Kylie Cotter 11 Female
Kelsey Cotter 8 Female
John Cotter 5 Male
Amanda Curran 42 Female Curran
Brendan Curran 40 Male Curran
Ella Curran 11 Female Curran
Samantha Curran 8 Female Curran
Joanna Daneman 29 Female Lucas
Grace Della Porta 11 Female DeLussa
Stephen DeLussa 48 Male DeLussa
Kathy DeLussa 48 Female DeLussa
Kelli Domizio 37 Female Domizio
Joe Domizio 43 Male Domizio
Joey Domizio 10 Male Domizio
Brynn Domizio 5 Female Domizio
Neil Dougherty 37 Male
Jason Fetchko 42 Male Fetchko
Amy Fetchko 40 Female Fetchko
Carly Fetchko 6 Female Fetchko
Avery Fetchko 11 Female Fetchko
Zoe Fetchko 13 Female Fetchko
Elliott Flick 48 Male Team Flick
Elizabeth Flick 44 Female Team Flick
Catherine Flick 11 Female Team Flick
Margaret Flick 9 Female Team Flick
Katie Flynn 45 Female
Keaton Flynn 15 Male
Tucker Flynn 13 Male
Lola Flynn 10 Female
Arthur Fratamico 50 Male
Stephen Fratamico 14 Male
Lisa Fratamico 37 Female
Ella Fratamico 11 Female
Julia Fratamico 13 Female
Mary Beth Grace 35 Female Grace
Matt Grace 35 Male Grace
Jack Grace 8 Male Grace
Timmy Grace 6 Male Grace
Ryan Grace 3 Male Grace
Michele Hopkins 35 Female Hopkins
michele Hopkins 35 Female Hopkins
Eric Hopkins 39 Male Hopkins
Chloe Hopkins 6 Female Hopkins
Jackson Hopkins 4 Male Hopkins
Max Hopkins 2 Male Hopkins
Mike Kane 49 Male Kane
Isabella Kane 11 Female Kane
Riley Kane 8 Female Kane
Sharon Kane 47 Female Kane
Shannon Keenan 42 Female Keenan
Dan Keenan 42 Male Keenan
Ella Keenan 11 Female Keenan
Daniel Keenan 8 Male Keenan
Lily Keenan 4 Female Keenan
Bridget Loftus 36 Female
Brad Loftus 36 Male
Kaylee Loftus 5 Female
Jameson Loftus 2 Male
Steven Lucas 47 Male Lucas
Suzana Lucas 47 Female Lucas
Nicholas Lucas 9 Male Lucas
Natalie Lucas 7 Female Lucas
cole mccarin 9 Male
trish mccarrin 54 Female
madison mccarrin 9 Female
Beth McGrory 49 Female Grace
john mcgrory 54 Male McGrory
jonathan mcgrory 15 Male McGrory
brandon mcgrory 13 Male McGrory
megan mcgrory 12 Female McGrory
annie mcgrory 10 Female McGrory
Lori McHugh 44 Female McHugh
Pat McHugh 47 Male McHugh
Emma McHugh 11 Female McHugh
Sophia McHugh 11 Female McHugh
Ava McHugh 5 Female McHugh
Mike Melvin 38 Male Melvin
Maureen Melvin 42 Female Melvin
Paige Melvin 11 Female Melvin
Jack Melvin 9 Male Melvin
Grace Melvin 5 Female Melvin
Lynn Murray 47 Female Murray
Zach Murray 11 Male Murray
Kendra Murray 11 Female Murray
Christine Pachuda 42 Female
Payne Pachuda 16 Male
Tyler Pachuda 12 Male
Ryan Peterson 38 Male Peterson
Jody Peterson 42 Female Peterson
Cullen Peterson 8 Male Peterson
Noah Peterson 6 Male Peterson
Karen Pirozek 41 Female Pirozek
Christian Pirozek 41 Male Pirozek
Aiden Pirozek 8 Male Pirozek
Luke Pirozek 6 Male Pirozek
Addison pirozek 3 Female Pirozek
Erica Reilly 36 Female Reilly
Brett Reilly 38 Male Reilly
Bowe Reilly 6 Male Reilly
Samantha Reilly 4 Female Reilly
Nora Saunders 11 Female
Chrissy Sucher 45 Female Sucher
Mia Sucher 11 Female Sucher
Jack Sucher 10 Male Sucher
Joey Sucher 8 Male Sucher
GJ Sucher 13 Male Sucher
Beth Team McGrory 49 Female McGrory
Christine Thomson 49 Female Team Thomson
Jim Thomson 51 Male Team Thomson
David Thomson 13 Male Team Thomson
Katherine Thomson 10 Female Team Thomson
Emily Thomson 7 Female Team Thomson
Lee Warren 45 Female Warren
Len Warren 45 Male Warren
Lenny Warren 10 Male Warren
Alexandra Warren 7 Female Warren
laura watmuff 50 Female watmuff
colin watmuff 16 Male watmuff
matt watmuff 14 Male watmuff
rachel watmuff 11 Female watmuff
Annabelle Wiedel 10 Female
Kristin Wolfe 44 Female Wolfe
Tom Wolfe 47 Male Wolfe
Abigail Wolfe 10 Female Wolfe
Brendan Wolfe 14 Male Wolfe
Tommy Wolfe 18 Male Wolfe


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