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FESPP is the volunteer-run, non-profit Friends of Eastern State Penitentiary Park and relies on revenue from events to fund the upkeep and improvement of the Park on the northern and eastern sides of the historic Eastern State Penitentiary. These spaces - Brown Street lawn, the PlayPen playground and Corinthian Gardens - are not funded by the City or by the Penitentiary. Please consider a donation to our 501(c)(3) to keep this neighborhood treasure thriving.

The Breakout 5K is the primary fundraiser for FESPP (Friends of Eastern State Penitentiary Park). Proceeds from entry fees and sponsorships support the maintenance and further development of:
• The playground on Brown St. between 22nd and Corinthian – Includes access to water at the drinking fountain and mister throughout the warm weather months, maintenance of playground equipment, and maintenance of the surrounding play area.
• The Penitentiary lawn on Brown St. between 22nd and Corinthian– Includes annual reseeding of lawn, maintenance of lawn and trees, and weekly trash collection.
• The Community Garden along the 700 block of Corinthian – Includes lawn and plumbing maintenance within the garden area and lawn and tree maintenance along the 700 block of Corinthian.

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